Mark Groblewski

Are you seeking a closer, more intimate relationship? Are you tired of the pain of conflict, feeling disconnected and misunderstood? If so, then you have come to the right place. We focus on building deeper communication and understanding. We provide the proven tools to help you get there. And we have a passion for doing this work born of life experience and unsurpassed training from Imago Faculty members and trainers.

Mark Groblewski’s mission is to empower couples and individuals to end conflict through living lives of love, compassion, and forgiveness. He has been a psychotherapist for the past 22 years. He brings a depth of life experience and understanding to his profession, having been married to his wife Amy for 34 years. He is also proud of his relationship with his 29-year old son who lives in Austin. Mark is committed to living the principles he shares with clients.
Practical experience and his passion for assisting couples to see beyond their old perceptions enables him to help clients transform their relationships. Mark’s skills and training as a psychotherapist has helped couples, families, and individuals enhance their ability to connect, communicate, and relate.

In 2005 he became a Certified Imago Therapist, and then decided to become an Imago Workshop Presenter in 2019. Imago is a simple but powerful tool. The techniques are profound in the depth to which they uncover old patterns and undesirable behaviors in each relationship. They work to help us recover what may be lost in our present union with our partner.

In addition to running a private practice, Mark is a public speaker for organizations and non-profits on such topics as “Empowering Relationships”, “The Power of Persistence”, “Stress Management”, and “Transforming Conflict”. Mark is a former Chairman of the Board at his church in League City and has also been a Chaplain for 12 years; is on the Board of his Professional Association, the Bay Area NET; and is a past President of the Houston Chapter of IMAGO International.

Mark and his wife, Amy Hart, a corporate training consultant, co-facilitate the Imago “Getting the Love You Want” weekend workshops.

Imago Workshop Presenter-2019
Certified Imago Therapist-2005
Licensed Certified Social Worker-LCSW-2002
MSW (Masters in Social Work)- University of Houston

Imago Therapy is effective for those who want to :

Rediscover and rekindle what you feel may be “lost” in your present relationship

End the cycle of criticism in your relationships

Avoid contempt in your conversations

Continue to nurture a relationship you have recently begun

Continue to grow in your present relationship/marriage

Learn how to deal with conflict and avoid defensiveness or withdrawal

Restore Connection and move through Power Struggle

​Receive tools, rather than just theory, in therapy